Frequently Asked Questions


 What is the dimension and weight of new version?

The gross dimension is 41 x 41 x 41cm (16″ x 16″ x 16″) and net dimension is 37 x 37 x 35cm (14.5″ x 14.5″ x 13.8″).
The weight of the product is approximately 20kg (44 lbs).

What if I want to cancel the order before delivery?

We offer 100% full refund if you decide to cancel the Order any time before the product dispatched from our warehouse.

Do you ship to UK? If so, what is the shipping cost?

We have warehouses in Australia, Indonesia, United Kingdom and United States. We offer FREE shipping to continental USA and most of cities in Australia. (There are small extra shipping fee to Canada | UK | NT & WA in Australia | Alaska & Hawaii)

Do you ship to European Countries? If so, what is the shipping cost?

Yes, we can ship from UK warehouse and shipping cost varies depends on the country. Please contact us to find out exact shipping cost.

What is the difference between this new version and previous version?

This new version has several important changes. New version has individual container with storage drawers and new sets of manipulative as well as additional playboard and updated learning resources.

Do you still offer digital version of learning resources?

Outdated Digital version has been discontinued as of 31st Dec 2016 and we no longer support digital version since then. 

I am not original owner but owns authentic Spielgaben Kit. Can I purchase new Add-Ons and Replacement Parts?

Add-Ons and Replacement Parts are available to order by original owner of the set. You may want to contact original owner to place an order of Add-Ons or replacement parts.

I see minor imperfection on storage drawers. Is this normal?

Our product is all made by hand with 100% German solid timber (not engineered MDF, Plywood or Veneer which mass produced by machine) so it can show minor imperfections. However, we put extra effort to make it as natural yet durable as possible.

I see a gap on corner of the drawer frame. Is this normal?

The corner gap in either left and right corner is actually intentional and we put 3mm gap (+/-2mm tolerance)and put a bit of clear glue inside the gap. Unlike previous version which was made of MDF with veneer, new version is made of 100% solid hardwood timber and it is live product just like solid hardwood timber floor.

The slight gap is required so timber can contract/expand freely due temperature/humidity changes. If we close all corner gaps tightly without any space, the timber cannot move freely and can cause twist and bending. Good thing about solid timber product is that it lasts much longer than MDF with veneer but needs a bit of care & maintenance.

The gap width can be slightly vary but no matter what, it should be rock solid and extremely hard to take them apart.

What is Spielgaben/Spielgabe?

It is an Education System Designed for children between 3 and 12 years old

Spielgaben (Spielgabe) is the sequential series of 13 children’s wood play sets to be used during the child’s short window of brain development. Each set added to the next developing a superior IQ for your child.

Spielgaben (Spielgabe) was originated from Froebel Gifts developed by founder of kindergarten and it is the same toys that inspired Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, Charles Eames, Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Klee and Piet Mondrian.

Parents are often concerned that they don’t have the skills necessary to lead their child in play the way a professional teacher would and improve communication, creativity, problem solving skills and Mathematics.

That’s why our comprehensive and easy to follow play guide series were developed. Parents will find themselves able to fill their role as their child’s best teacher and teach step-by-step how to use Spielgaben (Spielgabe) with your child.

Learn more about Spielgaben (Spielgabe)

What are the benefits of using Spielgaben?

One of the major benefits of using Spielgaben is that it helps children deepen their understanding of math and science.
Spielgaben consists of various shapes and sizes of solids, and children dramatically improve reorganisation skills by touching and comparing the different shapes.

It helps children build their creativity.
Your child will create something new every time he opens a Spielgaben box. While Spielgaben looks relatively simple, each item has unlimited possibilities for use. Your child can experiment with lines, color, form and perspective without any formal introduction to artistic techniques.

It helps children improve their problem solving skills. 
A child who plays with Spielgaben will occasionally face problems that he/she cannot solve. When this begins to happen, the child may give up or get bored. This is when a parent may step in and do facilitated play and teach the child new ways to think and solve problems. Before long, children are discovering new solutions for themselves.

It helps children improve logical thinking skills.
When a child starts using Spielgaben, he may just put figures together in random order and create something by accident. But as play continues and deepens, children will begin to decide what they want to make and start to logically determine how to implement their ideas. During this process there may be times when the child is unsuccessful. When this happens, he will go back and try again and in turn will learn the process of planning, execution, and analysis.

It helps develop language skills. When a child makes something with Spielgaben, he uses different words to explain what he is creating, which in turn will develop his language skills.

When should I start and how should I play with Spielgaben?

The Spielgaben are designed for children who are at least 3 years old and will still be interesting to a 12 year old. When you play with Spielgaben with your child, do the same activities repeatedly. Parents have the tendency to progress as fast as possible, but children like repeating actions. Repeat the same activity 10 times, if it is what the child wants. Remember to focus on the quality of education, not how fast a child gets through the sets. One of the great advantages of Spielgaben is that it is available for children to play with at any time, in any place. You can encourage your child to play with Spielgaben by taking photos of your child’s Spielgaben creations and displaying them in your home.

What if my child is struggling when he plays alone?

Children can play with Spielgaben by themselves, but educational outcomes will most likely be better if they play with a parent. This is because young children may need some problem solving skills demonstrated. If a child cannot put the pieces together by himself, he will need a parent’s support to keep going. Parental support is a must if you want the best educational value for your child. During play, a parent becomes an observer, guide, mentor and friend and can use Spielgaben as a way to communicate with the child.

Are there any guidelines that I can follow and ensure that I am teaching my child to play with the toys the right way?

Proper educational lessons should be scheduled, but children can play any time. Your schedule may be too busy to play with your child using Spielgaben every day, but parents will see the most benefits if they try to play with their child once or twice a week. The rest of the time you can simply leave the sets nearby so your child can access and play with them when she wants to.

Inducing stage is required. Before you start playing with Spielgaben with your child, you should plan how you can encourage them to play and show interest. You can do this through television, games or past experience. For example, if you would like to make a car with your child, you should first look at books relating to cars to get the child interested.

Plan and prepare, but do not forget to be flexible as well. Write down what you want to play in advance and make sure you have the materials. Then engage your child with books or other tools. If your child shows strong interest in creating something different, be flexible and change your plan.

No to assessment and advice, yes to admiration and suggestions. Try not to assess your child’s play as good or bad. Maintaining neutrality creates an environment where your child can feel comfortable to expressing herself creatively. If your idea is different than your child’s, let him know that your idea is not better, it is just different. Also, provide suggestions instead of advice. Allowing your child to choose whatever idea he likes. This may be a bit uncomfortable if you do not usually play this way, but you will get used to it when you see your child’s expression and his skills developing quickly.

Be patient. If a parent gets impatient, a child cannot express his ideas and thoughts freely.  If your child does not finish his creation in one day, leave it undisturbed and allow him to finish it another day. The benefits of Spielgaben come from the process of creating and making choices, not the final product. Do not dismantle your child’s creation in order to put it back into the box. Let him finish his creation and then put it away himelf. This builds the habit of completing tasks, which is an essential skill that all children need to develop.

Putting toys away is a part of play Getting toys out and putting them back away requires the child to collect, arrange and stack the pieces together. A parent should not put the toys away.