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Pillowcase Treasure Hunt

By January 3, 2013Uncategorized

Target Age Class: 1-2
Category of Play: Motor Skill Play
Areas of Improvement: Motor skills
Preparation: Pillowcase, Wooden Blocks, Plastic toys, plastic lids, plastic measuring cups or bowl.


First, your toddlers are still trying to gain mastery over their hands and fingers, so you will use a large pillowcase, rather than a sock, for their version o this game. Put 10 to 12 toddler -safe mystery items in the bottom of the pillowcase.

Second, Your one or two year old looks through the pillowcase to see what he can find. He might pull one item out at a time; he might dump the contents on the floor. This is a great way of holding your child’s attention, especially if you put brand-new, unknown, and of course, toddler-safe items in the pillowcase.

If your toddler is 2 years and older, you can gather up 6 to 10 clean adult size socks. Hide one toddler safe mystery object or toy in each sock by pushing it down firmly into the toe. Once you have filled all the socks with one mystery item, toss them in the giant bowl.

Then, challenge your child to find all the mystery items by wiggling the items out of the socks. Or, he can guess what’s inside by reaching in and touching the object. If wiggling her hand inside the sock is too difficult, your child may discover he can hold on to the toe section of the sock and spill the contents out onto the floor quite easily. After all the mystery objects have come out, line them up in a row ask child to explain what they are. This will not only helps motor skills but verbal & non-verbal communication skills too.