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Spielgaben Ultimate Package Deal

    $579.00 USD

    Product Description


    This is a combo package deal that includes both Spielgaben Complete Package and Extension Resources Math Workbook Series for School Year Children.

    If your child is still young, then we recommend Spielgaben Complete Package instead.

    If your child is old enough to go to primary/elementary school and want to provide more traditional learning lessons, then we recommend this Ultimate Package Deal so your child can do both play-based as well as a traditional learning method.

    By getting this Ultimate package deal, you save over 20% on Extension Math Workbook Series.

    To learn more about Spielgaben Complete Package, Click HERE.

    To find out more about Extension Math Workbook Series, Click HERE.


    • 14 sequential Spielgaben complete set including hard-copy learning resources. Current Selling Price is US$499.00.
    • Extension Math Workbook Series: Current selling price is US$100.
    • Wooden version of Set #8: Current selling price is US$32. You get this for FREE (100% discount) for a limited time only.

    TOTAL PRICE: US$579.00


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