Spielgaben Learning Resources (In Print)

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    What’s Included:
    • Spielgaben Playguide : it focuses on how to play with each Spielgaben set in order to build competence in sensory, fine motor skills, basic math and problem-solving skills. Ideal age group: 3 to 9 years. Print Length is 118 pages. Paper: 100 gsm matt finish.
    • Spielgaben Mathguide: It covers mathematical concepts that your child will learn at school from Year One to Six. It provides a solid basis for understanding arithmetical calculations, measurements, 2D & 3D figures, angles, weight and volumes. Ideal age group: 7 to 12 years. Print Length is 217 pages. Paper: 100 gsm matt finish.
    • Spielgaben Workbook – Year K: It is created for parents who needs something fast and start using spielgaben immediately. You can print one activity each day and hand it over to your child as study materials. Print Length is 165 pages. Paper: 100 gsm matt finish.
    • Spielgaben Inspiration Cards: These Inspiration cards are created to give your child plenty of ideas and implications so your child does not run out of ideas what to play and learn. You will see that your child will imitate the ideas first but quickly explore his or her own creations and boost creativity with no limit.  Print Length is 92 pages. Paper: 130 gsm semi-gloss finish.
    • Spielgaben with Nature: We often hear that Mother Nature is the best teacher for our children. Nature Cards will introduce animals, insects and plants. Hand each one over to your child and ask him or her to observe unique characteristics and create them with Spielgaben sets. They will start observing more closely and paying attention to details to create one and begin to understand their unique shapes and features. Print Length is 66 pages. Paper: 130 gsm semi-gloss finish.
    • Spielgaben Making Planar Figures: It contains planar figures of 11 geometrical figures to help children to understand the core basics of mathematical figures & shapes. Print Length is 13 pages. Paper: 130 gsm semi-gloss finish.

    In short, your child is presented with limitless opportunities for play and learning for many years to come.

    *This can be purchased by owners of authentic Spielgaben Sets only* 
    *This product comes in loose with section tabs but without a binder so customer can fit any binder they desire.*
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