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Here are 5 activities for Fun and Learning with Spielgaben 2B.

1) Colour Match, Sort and Count



  • Spielgaben 2B
  • Coloured Paper
  • Markers
  • Plain Paper


Create an invitation for children to sort and match the colours to the corresponding coloured paper.


Children sort the shapes in their corresponding colours. As your child sorts, ask them which colour they think will have the most shapes?


When they have sorted all the shapes, children can count the number of shapes there are of each colour to see if they were correct.


As an extension, children can estimate the amount of each colour and write and record their answers.

2) 3D Shape Sort and Count



  • Spielgaben 2B
  • Plain Paper
  • Marker


Discuss the different 3 Dimensional Shapes that you find in set 2B. Talk about the different amount of corners, faces, sides etc that each of them has and the different shapes we can see.

Divide up your paper into different segments with each of the 3D shapes labelled as shownIMG_6308

Sort the different shapes into their groups. Make predictions as to the number of each shape. Which will have the most/least?

Extend by counting and recording your findings.

3) Threading Patterns



  • Spielgaben 2B
  • Playdough/Modelling Clay
  • Skewers


Divide your playdough into a couple of lumps stuck on the table and then stick a skewer in each. Starting with a basic ABA type pattern, make a simple pattern for your child to reproduce on the other skewer.


Your child will develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination whilst learning about patterns, colours and shapes. Extend this activity by making more complicated patterns. Encourage your child to create their own patterns.

4) Build a house and person colour match



  • Spielgaben 2B


Help develop your child’s building and fine motor skills as they are challenged to find the corresponding shapes and colours to create matching “houses” and “people.” Which is the hardest shape to balance? Why?

5) Building Challenge



  • Spielgaben 2B


This is a fun activity where children are challenged to build the tallest tower possible using only Spielgaben set 2B.

Talk with your child about which blocks would be better for a base. How will we keep them from falling over? Are some shapes better for building than others?


And when they fall down, encourage your child to try again. What could they try differently? What did they learn from the last time?


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