6 Reasons Why Students Lose Interest in Studying

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Studying helps every individual enhance their knowledge through observing and reading. Studying requires understanding and focus. Parents send their kids to school when they came into the right age. Every individual needs to implement school for better learning. Some students love to go to school because they want to achieve their dreams, while some don’t. Here are 6 Reasons Why Students Lose Interest in Studying.

Some kids grow without any siblings, that’s why there are kids that loves to be alone than to interact to other people. Some kids are having a problem going to school because they lack self-confidence. Starting from the first day of school, students needs to interact with their classmates and make friends.

Friends and classmates are big help on studying by sharing each other ideas on a certain topic or subject. Most students are having difficulties in school especially when they study alone. Sometimes when a student don’t have anyone to ask for help in terms of studying, they start to get tired and lose interest in studying.

There are lots of cases of bullying nowadays. Bullying is a type of bad manner that is harmful and intentional. It affects physical and mental development and loses someone’s self confidence. Examples of physical bullying are kicking, punching, slapping and anything that can hurt a person. There are also types of mental bullying like insulting, teasing or saying bad things to others. Bullying usually occurs in school.

Students that experienced bullying feels more miserable and tend not go to school because of that experience. The trauma that bullying can bring to a child can be a big threat; they might suffer from that trauma which can lead to depression. There are worst cases that have been reported such as attempting suicide because of bullying.

Most students enjoy their weekends with their friends and love ones, but some students spend their weekends with their hobbies and having fun. Some students enjoy their hobbies so much that turn their hobbies into vices. Playing computer game is the common vices for students nowadays. Students are influenced by their classmates or friends to play computer games and skip classes, and the more they enjoy what they’re doing, the more they lose interest in going to school.

Job and School
Most students nowadays think independently. They find a job to earn money for their everyday expenses in school. Some students go to work after school. It is not easy for an individual to study and work at the same time, because after being exhausted in their job they still need to go to school on the next day.

Some working students cannot focus on their study because of their job, especially when they need to study hard for their exams. Most students fail in their exams because they don’t have time to study after going to work. This is one reason why students choose to quit studying and just focus on their job.

Poverty is one of the main problems on some countries. Most parents are having a hard time earning money for their children’s tuition fees. There are some schools that have expensive tuition fees, which parents cannot afford. Some parents do is that they send their kids on school every year if they have money and stops when they don’t have. From that reason, students could easily lose interest in studying because their school level doesn’t match their age.

Terror Teacher
Teachers are known as the second parents of every student. They teach the right manners and the knowledge that students need. There are also teachers that need to be stricter to discipline their students. Some teachers shout at their students when they are not focusing on what the teacher is discussing, that’s why students are frightened and feel fear that could result on losing students interest in studying.

Parent’s needs to support their children and help them on their tasks in school, in that way children will not have a hard time studying and makes them motivated.


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  • khadija says:

    i only want to say that teachers sometimes do favour of some students which also loses our confidence..

  • Praveen Kotani says:

    The education system should b changed….In my school studying means just byhearting the question and answers…the teachers don’t even know the subject… Because of low fee many people join their children in this type of school

  • gerald says:

    sometimes i can’t focus well in my study

  • Ryan says:

    The reason why one loses interest in their studies is due to the fact that they are too dumb or immature to carry out decisions and often relied on their friends. This may result in peer pressure and causes the student to lose interest in their studies
    It all boils down to immaturity as well as the lack of parental support.
    Unlike most of my friends, I dislike gaming and i stick to a strict schedule, studying close to 4 hours every day. Whenever i wanna take a break, i would either exercise or play the piano. I realised that in order to succeed one must have a good education and my parents too, believe it was the only way that i can excel in life.

    • bart says:

      Not all people who lose interest in their studies are too dumb or immature. I’ve been known to be decent in my studies and other things like sports and so on and I still lost interest in studying. Although I may not know the exact reason to why people lose interest in studying, it’s still not really okay for you to be calling people dumb. And I’m not taking this personally lol. I just don’t like it when I see people being judged when you don’t know what they are going through.. hehe *peace sign*

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