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Why is playing important? Play is important because it is the foundation of all learning of young children. Play is important for brain development; it will definitely help your children if you will spend time to play with them to teach different thoughts and ideas. Some children want to play alone whereas others want to always play with parents. It is also better if they will play with other kids. Children are too brilliant because they will definitely ask you about what they’ve heard and what they’ve learned. Giving them a space and a time to play is better. You must let them choose what they want to do and what they want to play, but you have to be there to guide them on what is really good for them.

Here are 6 Significance Why Playing Is Important:

1. Teaches them to care for others and for environment

You, as a parent or teacher, must spend time to play with your children because in that way, you can teach them how to care for others and for their environment. It is important that your children play with other kids because what you taught them when you are together can also be applied to other children. They can learn on how to care for their environment by knowing what is going on. Always remember that children are too smart when it comes to what they’ve heard and what they’ve seen, because they will definitely carry out to say what they heard and they will do what they saw from you or from others.

2. Builds them up to socialise with other children

Building them up to socialise with other children is one of the significance why playing is really important to your kids. There are different stages of social development. Giving them time to play gives children the opportunity to meet and socialise with other kids or with their friends, keeps them physically active, and gives them the freedom to choose what they want to do. Socialising is really important.

3. Develops creativity and imagination

Playing will your let children use their creativity while developing their imagination. The imagination and creativity will depend on different factors such as age, the ambiance and the toys provided, and others. How can they be creative and imaginative? Before they play, you must clean the surroundings, the different things on that play area must be organised, especially the toys. In that way, children can think peacefully and they can imagine and think different things on how to be creative. It is important to encourage your child to help in cleaning up the toys even though it is your responsibility to provide your child with a clean and organised play space with the necessary toys and materials for creative and imaginative play.

4. Develops Skills

Children can do the things that you’ve taught them especially when you ask them; because it will start by wordings, their brain will process and they will think and imagine towards developing their skills. Developing skills is one of the significance why playing is important, because children will be able to build up their knowledge because of their imagination and being creative.

5. Builds up confidence

Having a confidence is extreme! Why? It is important that while they are beginner, children must know how to build up their confidence. Building up a confidence can start early. As a parent you must know how to provide the things that they need on how they can boost their confidence. Teach them how to socialise with other children. Parents can help their kids by giving them a chance and by providing the opportunities to practice their skills, letting them to make mistakes and being there for them to boost their spirits so they can keep trying. Act in response with their interest and excitement when your kids show off a new skill and reward them with admiration when they achieve a goal or make a good effort.

6. Makes them feel safe and happy

Children will feel safe and happy by providing and meeting up their needs. Surround them with love, especially when they are playing. Build your child up, not tear them down. Tell them how happy you are when they are here with you. Tell them they will always have a permanent place with you in life. Carry them when they are small. Talk to them when they are ready about the dangers in life. Tell them that they are the most important thing in the world to you. Hold their hands as you walk in a crowd. Don’t ignore your child’s fears, but comfort them instead.

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