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Every child has their own toy. Toys are things that can be played and can be used for fun. Toys are made of wood, plastic, metal, cotton or wool and sometimes they are machine operated. Nowadays, there are different kinds of toys that are sold in the market. As your child grows old they begin to choose toys that they like. Toys have a big contribution on your child’s growth. Every type of toy gives different knowledge on your child. Toys also affect your child’s behavior.

Here are 6 Winning Types of Educational Toys for Kids.


Dolls are toys that look like a human. Commonly dolls have a head, torso and a pair of legs. In ancient times dolls are made of wood and clay. People use them for entertainment like a puppet show. Kids enjoy watching puppet shows especially when the puppets are fighting and talking. Dolls are much appreciated by little girls. Dolls can be played by little girls by acting like a mother and treating the doll as their child. They carry and rock it, and sometimes they feed it. Nowadays there are dolls that are made of plastic that can produce sounds.

Stuffed Toys

Most stuffed toys are made out of cotton and cloth. They are cute and soft. Kids love to hug them, sometimes they use them as a pillow and can’t sleep without them. Some kids always carry their stuffed toy wherever they go because they feel safe with it. They treat their toy as their best friend. There are stuffed animals that are sold in the market nowadays. Stuffed animals can be use to practice your Childs recognition. Kids will learn about the name and the sound of the animal. Stuffed toys have different sizes where kids can ride on. Parents should watch their kids as they play because some stuffed toys have small buttons that can accidentally be swallowed.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys is one of the hardest yet educative and interesting game to play especially for kids. By fixing the image, it will determine the ability of a child on how well they can remember or recognize something they saw. It will enhance the memorization and power of imagination of a child. It will also help a child to gain more patience and determination by trying to finish the puzzle.

Physical Activity Toys

There are many outdoor activities that your child can do for their physical development like playing ball games with their friends such as running, throwing and kicking. There are also toys that can help your child do some exercise even if they’re alone. Rocking toys like wooden rocking horse can help your child to widen their imagination thinking that they are riding on a real horse which also helps on their physical development by using their body weight to rock it. Ride-on toys are also useful like wagons, it can enhance balance. Ride-on toys with pedals like mini bikes can improve leg and arm strength.

Food Related Toys

Kids love to eat, and sometimes they’re being scolded by their parents when they play their food. That’s the reason why there are food related toys. Food related toys are very important, from the word itself “Food”, children can easily determine the kinds of food through toys. Color is one of the main knowledge a child can gain from it. Most of the food related toys have accurate color of the food that was imitating. Food toys can also serve as parents tool for explaining, like telling their child how important the vegetables and fruits are. It’s safe to watch your kids as they play.

Educational Computer Games

Nowadays there are device that can be use to gain knowledge like tablets and personal computers. There are educational computer games that can be played by your kids such as quiz bee and coloring games.


The learning of a child also depends on the type of toy a parent will give. It is important that the toy should be educational and enjoyable for kids.


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