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Being a kid is one of the happiest stages in our lives. We started learning many things as we prepare ourselves for the challenges of life.

Our childhood will never be complete without toys. Children love to play because it’s their way of expressing what they want to be or what they want in life.

Here are the benefits of Children’s Toys.

Children love to play stuffed toy because it’s soft and fluffy. They can do whatever they want, they can squeeze or hug it, and sometimes they can even fall asleep hugging their stuffed toy. A stuffed toy can help a child feel comfortable and safe. It will help their physical development by kicking, punching or throwing it. It will also help their emotional development because sometimes a child talks to its toy especially when they feel alone. There are lots of stuffed animals nowadays. It will help a child familiarize the names and even the sound of the animal.

A ball is the toys that are commonly given to a child. A child enjoys playing a ball because its round, it rolls and it bounces. There are lot of activities that they can do using a ball like dribbling, rolling, throwing and kicking. Many of the famous sports nowadays use ball such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, football and soccer. Ball game helps children develop their physical appearance. A child sometimes swallow small things, so it’s better not to give your child small balls.

There are lots of toys that could help a child on their mental development. A shape sorting toy will help a child be familiarize on different kinds of shapes. This educational toy will help a child distinguished the right blocks such as circle, triangle, square or star to put on the slot.

Another educational toy is Lego bricks. These educational toy is very well-liked by kids. They’re colorful and very easy to use. This will help a child widen their imagination and be creative. They can practice their skills by building, creating and imitating things that are in their minds by this educational toy. A child gets an idea on what it sees, hear, feel and taste. Lego bricks can be used on their playtime, like making animals, buildings, cars or things that’s on their minds.

Lego bricks can also be use in a different ways like using them as tool in computing. For example a parent shows a card to its child and there’s (1 + 1 =) written on it. The Child will answer by using Lego bricks. With this kind of method a child will enjoy playing Lego bricks and at the same time it’s learning the concept of math.

Playing dolls can also help children on their emotional development. Dolls are much appreciated by the girls. Nowadays there are dolls that operated by a machine that can move and produces sounds such as crying and laughing. A girl will take care of the doll thinking that she’s a parent. They could change the dress of the doll, carry the doll or rock it. It is better to choose a doll that’s not bigger than your child, and make sure that your child can carry the doll.

Parents can also use plastic letter toys. It will help their child improve their reading skills by creating words. When a person reads, it gains new information. It’s somewhat the same as feeding the brain. Learning has no limits, the more a person reads the more the knowledge it gains.

Children gain knowledge on what they see or hear on their surroundings. Choose a toy that won’t give any harm on your child. It’s very important to give your child a toy that will definitely gives enjoyment and at the same time the capability for them to learn. A child is easily attracted by colorful toys. The learning of a child depends on the environment and in the way of the parents or teacher’s teaching.


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