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Children need to go to school in order to expand their knowledge. In school, they will learn everything they need to know by the help of their teachers. Students will learn how to compute, things about science, good moral or attitude, and how to read and write. In addition to their learning, teacher will give them homework in order to know if they learn something on their everyday lesson. When weekends come, most children spend their time playing with their toys that is why most parents give them educational toys. In that way, their children learn while playing.

Most children are getting addicted on the toy that they play and sometimes they lose interest on going to school because of it. As a parent, you definitely should know what kind of toy you will give to your child. You definitely want your child to enjoy playing and make him/her happy. Since you also experienced the joy of being a child, you surely want your child to experience it and you want him/her to have something to remember when he/she grows old. To know more about the benefits of playing, read the list below.

Here are the different benefits of playing for every child:

Expanded Knowledge

As I’ve mentioned before, your child will learn new things when you send him/her to school, but did you know that by just playing, your child will also be able to learn new things? For example, you give your child a toy that he/she has never seen before. It will be stored in his/her brain and that will be added on his/her knowledge. Another is if you play sports like basketball with your child, he/she will learn the proper dribbling and proper shooting, and because he/she enjoys playing it, your child will surely play it always so it will enhance his/her skills. Your child can expand his/her knowledge depending on the type of toy that he/she will play. So it is very advisable if you give your child educational toys.

Developed Mental Skills

This is one of the great benefits of playing. No one can play a toy or game without thinking. If you give your child a toy like Lego bricks, your child’s creativity will be enhanced. Your child will be able to build the things in his/her mind using Lego bricks. Another great toy on improving mental skills is board games, and one good example of those is Scrabble. Your children can expand their vocabulary, learn the right spelling of every word, and learn new words. The knowledge that your children gain on playing board games can also be applied at school. Most teachers give a spelling quiz for every student so your children will possibly pass every spelling quiz because they have learned lots of word with Scrabble.

Ability to Make Friends

Sometimes your child will get bored playing when he/she is alone. You can take your child on a park wherein he/she will be able to play with other kids. Your child can definitely make friends with other kids. Tell your child to be good with other kids, because if he/she shows a bad attitude, other kids will not go near him/her. There is nothing much happier than playing with friends. If your child already has friends, he/she will also learn how to take care of them. If you let your child play with other kids, make sure that you are ready if such thing occurs. You need to bring first aid kit.

Improved Health Condition

Yes! Your child’s health condition can also be improved by playing. Every child loves to play sports. For example, your child is playing soccer with other kids, he/she will enhance his/her leg strength by continual running and kicking. Your child’s stamina will also be improved and it is good for the heart. Muscles will surely build up because playing sports can help lose fats. Even if your child is active in playing sports, you also need to choose the right food for your child. Make sure that it is also healthy.


The main reason why kids love to play is because they enjoy and they are happy. When your child is playing, he/she creates an unforgettable memory when he/she gets old. So as a parent, you need to give everything to your child just to make him/her happy. Playing also gets your child in good mood especially if he/she is enjoying it. There are times that your child will forget about his/her problems or sickness (if he/she is sick) when he/she is playing his/her favourite toy.

As a parent, you need to watch your child while he/she plays. You also need to teach your child to take care of his/her toys. Remember that toys are your child first best friend so that your child needs to give importance to them.

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