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Different Sources for Learning : An individual starts to learn new things since the day it was born. Education, training and personal development is a part of human learning. Kids begin to learn new things through their curiosity and by experimenting on other things. To expand knowledge, an individual needs help for a quick understanding on new things. Below are few different resources that can be used for learning.

Lecture can be done by means of speaking to teach every individual or give information about a certain topic. Usually teachers are the one who gives lecture especially in schools. Parents can also give lectures on their kids. When lecturing, a teacher stands in front of the class and discuss a certain subject. Most teachers use books as a reference and summarize it in order for student to learn quickly. Teachers can also use tools such as cards with information about the topic written on it. It is important for teachers to use tools where students can learn easily.

Textbooks are type of book that focuses on a certain subject and use for studying. Students use textbooks to practice their knowledge. One example of textbook is a workbook which provides questions. Most schools provide textbook for their students to remind them about what they learn on a certain subject. Textbook can enhance every student’s memorization skills. Most textbooks are in printed format.

Electronic Media
Electronic Media can be use as a source of study. Personal Computers, television, radio and telephones are considered as Electronic Media. Most teachers use Electronic Media as a tool to help students learn school lessons easily through videos or recorded information.

Aside from books, internet is a useful tool to learn new things because it provides information around the world. It helps every individual make their life easier. There are many things that internet can provide such as videos and images that can be use on a certain project. People gain new knowledge by just watching informative videos in the internet because people don’t need to visualize things.

Fictional story/novels
Fictional novels are stories that are beyond imagination. Examples of these stories are fairy tales such as Snow White, Cinderella and Jack and the beanstalk. There are also fictional stories or novels for adults such as Harry potter and Twilight. Most parents usually read fairy tales to their kids before they go to sleep.

Fictional story or novels will help kids enhance their imagination. There are lots of lessons or knowledge that an individual can get from reading fictional story or novels. There are some inspirational stories or novels that help an individual strive to their dreams.

Computer Games
Most adults say computer games won’t help an individual’s learning however some computer games provide a positive effect such as helping them think wisely. Role Playing Games are much appreciated by adults. In this type of game, players need to survive or think of a strategy to finish the game, it requires critical thinking. One good example of a role playing game is Devil May Cry, player needs to kill all enemy and find the boss weakness for a quick mission. Online games can be played by using the internet. Players will learn how to interact to other players and make a bond.

Above are just few of the most commonly used sources for kids learning, what is your favorite?


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