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Different Ways to Make Your Child Smarter : Almost all parents want their child to grow to be smarter as they can be. Giving them intelligence in their early age can benefit them in the future. But what is intelligence? Well there are different definitions of it but basically, this is an ability of man to understand, learn, understand and interact on its environment. Who do not want that for their baby? Well there are different ways for you to do that.

Here are some things you should consider to make your child smarter:

Study proves that breastfeeding can make your child gain more intelligence compared to those who did not take breastfeed. But it does not only make the child smarter but it is proven to improve the physical and immune system of a child. Milk from breastfeed has a certain element that can help your child improve in many ways and this element cannot be duplicated by many laboratories. What does that mean? These mean that the nutrients given by breastfeeding are unique.

Every school has their physical fitness subject wherein they aim to improve the physical ability of a child. But there are some researches that state physical fitness can also improve the mental ability of a child. Are you familiar with dementia? This is the loss of global cognitive ability. Basically elderly are suffering from this injury for the age fifty and up. But did you know that physical fitness can prevent this? Physical fitness or exercise increase the functioning of your brain and produce some antidepressant properties that can make you less depress and feel more happy and active.

No Junk Food
Start junking the junk food for your child. Why? It leads to lower the IQ of a kids, this is from a study of Journal of Epidemiological Community Health. Research shows that kids who ate more fruits, vegetable, fish and pasta have a higher IQ point that kids who ate most processed foods, convenience foods, fat and sugar. If you want to make your child smarter as they grow, take the obvious. Feed them more nutritional foods and junk the junk food. Pay attention to what you child is eating because it can affect their mental health and also their physical health.

Fish Oil
Are you familiar with DHA omega-3 fatty acids? This is usually found on seafood. In New York University’s study, they evaluated what really raises a man’s intelligence and concluded that a diet from this fatty acid can raise the human’s intelligence. Researcher said that an infant IQ can swell by more than 3.5 points if the mother received 1000 mg of DHA a day.

This is the most basic part of learning. Reading can help a child in different ways especially when he read a lot. There are lots of knowledge a book can have and when a child read it, the knowledge are passed to the readers. Books are the main medium of learning which is used by different teacher and professor for teaching. Unlike other hi-tech things, this is low-tech way to improve the learning and IQ of children on all ages.

Almost everyone loves a delicious breakfast before starting the day. But how can this affect a child’s mental ability? Eating breakfast improves memory, concentration and learning. You can notice that when a child did not eat his breakfast, he tend to be tires so easy or sometimes are easily irritable and react less quickly compared to those kids who ate a solid breakfast. It can help to make your child more focused on his whole day.

Educational Toys
This is the best way to teach your child with him resisting. Usually a child don’t want to learn and only want to play, educational toys help disguise learning with playing and still gives a lot of benefit for the child mental ability. Basically the best benefit is that it increases the creativity and imagination of kids. They tend to be creative and come up with new ways of expressing ideas and thinking for themselves.


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