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Educational Toys for Your Children: When a child is born, it starts to learn new things depending on what it see, hear, touch and taste. Parents watch their child until they grow old. Toys are part of a child’s growth. Toys make every single child happy. Toys can be use as tool for learning.

When a child is growing up it slowly change its perception on things. So it’s better for a parent to guide their child as they grow and choose the right toy that they definitely enjoy and make them learn new things. Here are some tips that will help parents choose the right toy to give on every stage of their Child’s growth based from their age.

From 0 to 6 months old

From 0 to 6 months old a baby doesn’t have the ability to speak words. A baby expresses its feelings by means of crying and laughing. When a baby is hungry it starts to cry. In this stage, a baby starts to imitate what its parent says. First thing that the parent will teach to its baby is by calling them, words like Mom and Dad. There are toys that are suitable around this age. Around this stage a baby usually swallows what it’s holding and sometimes it sucking it own thumb that maybe expose in dirt, so it’s better to give your baby the right toy such as teethers and pacifiers.

From 6 to 18 months old

Around from this age, babies can move to another place by means of crawling. From 6 to 18 months old some babies have the ability to walk. Give them a walker to support your baby while it walks. In this stage a baby love to shake things, so it’s better to give your baby a toy that creates sound. When it comes to learning, colorful toys are a big help. Your child also is easily getting attracted by colorful toys. One example is a shape sorting toy. Childs logic will be practiced by choosing the right blocks that will fit the slot.

From 18 months to 3 years old

From 18 months to 3 years old a child will begin to know the world. A child will be curious on what it sees and they become active. In this stage, a child can understands what their parents trying to say or explain. They are starting to learn how to read and write. A parent usually reads a bedtime story for their kids until they fall asleep. It may help on their mental development. There are lots of toys that help kids gain knowledge like a drawing board which can help kids widen their imagination.

From 3 to 6 years old

In this stage, kids will start to think of their future. Kids are easily influenced on what they see in the television like a police chasing bad guys or a doctor saving one’s life. Some kids enjoy looking on pictures that they want to be. If your child wants a toy gun that means he or she wants to become a police when he or she grows old. There are some plastic toys on every types of profession that can be use for your kid’s development.

From 6 to 12 years old

From 6 to 12 years old, kids will become choosier especially on toys. They are starting to hate their old toys such as stuffed toys or toy cars. Most kids are more focus on watching television such as cartoon shows and sometimes on video games. There are television shows that are educational so it’s better to for a parent to guide their kids on what they watch. There are also some educational video games like quiz bee. In that way, kids will gain knowledge while enjoying their own favorite toys. In this stage, a kid also starts to enter school. It is very nice to give your child school supplies that are cool looking like a notebook, pencil case or bag with its favorite cartoon character printed on it, that will help your kids get motivated in going to school.

It’s better to give your kids a toy that will give them knowledge while they’re growing up. The knowledge and behavior of a child depends on how the parents treat them.


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