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As a parent you definitely want your child to be smart and healthy that is why you give everything for him/her. There are lots of things you can do in order to make your child health and smart. One of those ways to make your child smart is sending him/her in school. You can also give your child educational toys so that he/she will learn while playing. When it comes on making your child healthy, you provide foods that are rich in vitamins.

Aside from sending your child in school, another way to expand his/her knowledge is to let him/her read books. A child can learn different knowledge by reading different types of books. Your child can improve his reading skills, vocabulary by reading different types of books. As I’ve mentioned before, playing is also a great way on expanding your child’s knowledge and also his/her health. As a parent, you need to watch your child as he/she plays and make sure that the toys that you give provides education.

Here are some of the games that provides knowledge and health benefits for your child:

Board Games

There are lots of board games that you child can play. Examples are Chess and Scrabble. Board games cannot be played by just a single person, so as a Parent, you need to join your child and guide him/her especially if it’s the first time he/she plays Chess or Scrabble. If your child plays Chess, he/she will learn how to be patient and calm. He/she will also learn how to think of a great strategy in order to beat his/her opponent. If you child plays Scrabble, he/she can expand his vocabulary and learn the right spelling of words.

Puzzle Games

You child can enhance his/her critical thinking by playing puzzles games. One good example of a puzzle games is a shape sorting cube. Your child will learn to choose the right shape that will be put on the right slot. Another example of puzzle toy or game is a Rubik’s Cube. If your child plays a Rubik’s cube, he/she will learn to compute how many rotations he will do in order to complete it. The main goal on playing a Rubik’s Cube is to match the colors on every side of the cube. Like in board games, your child will also learn how to be patient and think calmly. He/she will also learn how to analyze before doing a move. You will know if your child is good at playing puzzle toys, if he/she can finish it in a short period of time.

Computer games

Yes! Computer games! Most parents think that computer games are bad for kids. But computer games also provide knowledge on every player. Most type of computer games that provides knowledge are, math games, coloring games and strategy games. The knowledge that your child will gain depends on the type of computer games they play. On a role playing game, your child will also learn how to think of a good strategy in order to finish the game on an easy way. He/she will also learn to read first instructions before playing any type of computer game. If your child just plays a computer game without reading their instructions, he/she might have a problem finishing or playing the game. Basically, your child will learn a lot of things on playing computer games.


Board games, Puzzle games and Computer games can improve your child’s knowledge. As a Parent, you also need to consider improving your child’s health. Playing sports is a great way to improve your child’s health. For example, your child play Soccer, his/her leg strength will be enhance because soccer is all about kicking and running. He/she can also improve his stamina. If your child play board games puzzle games or computer games often, he/she needs to play sports in order to burn fats. Another good thing that sports can provide is your child will learn sportsmanship.

Outdoor Activities

Aside from playing sports, another way on how to improve your child’s health is doing some outdoor activities. Let your child play with his/her friends in the park or in your backyard. Your child can play hide and sick on your backyard or chasing. If your child play on the park, he/she will learn how to interact with other kids (your child will definitely make lot of friends).

When your child is playing, you need to watch him/her so that if accident occurs, you can immediately respond and cure him/her especially if your child is playing sports.

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