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Games That Teach Primary Students :  Kid’s starts to learn and gain new knowledge from their surroundings since the day they were born. Parents send their kids to school when they’re in the right age. In primary school, students start to learn things that they need to know.

We all know that kids love to play and have fun with other kids, and most kids choose to play than doing homework or studying. There are some games that can be done in school in order for the kids to enjoy studying.

In English, kids will learn to read sentences or words. They will also learn how to create sentences or even paragraphs. Understanding is the main key in order for kids to gain knowledge. Most students get easily bored in reading and writing every day.

A competition will make the students be eager to study hard. Here’s a sample activity: The teacher needs to split that class into two or four groups. Each group needs a representative for every question that the teacher will give. The first student who answers the question correctly will be given a point. The group that will get the highest points will be declared the winner. This kind of game will make kids learn how to think fast and answer quickly. It will help kids practice their ability to memorize lessons or topic.

We all know that most kids hate math because they are having a hard time counting on large amount of numbers. In math, kids will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. There are also games for students that they will surely enjoy such as a problem solving game. Here’s how it usually works: The students will be given a problem that includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is better for teachers if they will give an award to the student who solved the problem so that students will be eager to focus on the problem and count fast as they can. Students can show their skills by understanding the given problem and count fast. In this kind of game, students will also gain patience and focus on the problem better in order for them to win and get the prize.

Most kids enjoys science subject because they learn new things about everything in the world such as animals, plants, planets and the human body. There are lots of activities that can be done in a science subject like a coloring book that includes animals and plants. Teachers can make a game for their students, few examples are: identifying animals or the teacher will play a sound of an animal and students should try to identify which animal produces that kind of sound. In this kind of game, students will be able to know the animal by means of hearing. Teachers can also use toy animals and ask the students to guess the name of the animal they have shown.

Another coloring game idea that can enhance a student skill is:
The teacher will draw a colorless fruit or vegetable in the board, and there are different colors of chalk that can be use. A student needs to choose the right color to use in the image, and the student who puts the right color will be the winner.

Teachers should watch their students and make sure that they are safe while they are playing because some games might include running. Parents can also teach their kids at home, there are lots of learning games nowadays that can be played by using a personal computer or tablet. It is also important for parents to guide their kids while playing computer or tablet games because most of the computer games are addictive.


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