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Going On a Picnic

By January 7, 2013Uncategorized

Target Age Class: 6-8
Category of Play: Language & Vocabulary
Areas of Improvement: Memory  & Vocabulary
Preparation: Nil


This game is terrific to play on long car trips or to pass the time while waiting in the doctor’s office.

One child begins by saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing _________________” (Insert the name of a picnic item that begins with the letter A). The second player repeats this statement the same way and then adds on: “I’m also bringing _______________” (insert item beginning with the letter B).

As the game moves on through the letters of the alphabet, each child must remember all the items previously mentioned. When a child stumbles and cannot remember an item in the list, she starts the game over, beginning with the letter A. (If you prefer to keep score, mark a point each time a player gets through the entire list of items correctly and add one new item with the next letter of the alphabet. The child with the most points wins.) Keep in mind that there are plenty of nonfood items to bring to picnic!

This will make your child to think and try not to forget by organising words in a sequence that helps her to memorise.
It will definitely help passing them time while having fun.

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