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Homeschooling with Dad


Homeschooling is a challenge for parents, especially those who’ve never dealt with any type of teaching and have a ton of other responsibilities during the day. But, since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been significant growth in the number of children who were homeschooled by their parents. And, the number continues to grow as the pandemic is still on a rise in some countries. This is why homeschooling has become a primary concern for so many parents who want to give their children the best possible education.

This can be especially difficult for dads, who aren’t used to juggling their private, professional, and now their kids’ school life in a single day. But, homeschooling with dad can be effective and successful, with the right mindset and proper guidance.

Here’s what dads need to know about homeschooling their kids.

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1.     Homeschooling can be flexible.

The biggest pressure most dads feel about homeschooling is trying to make it the same as a typical school day. But, the typical school experience doesn’t guarantee success. Studies on academic achievement have shown that homeschool students perform better than those in institutional schools.

So, homeschooling can be flexible and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What does this mean? It means that:

  • you don’t have to do all the daily lessons and tasks at once
  • you can schedule homeschooling time around your family’s other daily activates
  • you can adjust to your lifestyle

Don’t think you have to fit a pattern and do the same things your kids would do at school. Instead, create a system that works best for your family and you’ll increase everyone’s motivation and productivity.

2.     You still need a schedule.

Just because you’re flexible, doesn’t mean you can just wing it every day. You and your kids still need to create a routine and a schedule that’ll help them achieve the expected academic results.

This routine should cover:

  • homeschooling start time
  • set daily lessons
  • time for practice and homework

Janis Rice, a guidance counselor and editor at SupremeDissertations agrees: “It would be best to create a weekly workday schedule, that covers everything you and the kids need to work on in the upcoming week. Write daily tasks, deadlines, and objectives. Ask the kids to create and plan weekly entries with you.”

3.     Know what type of learner your child is.

We’re all different when it comes to learning. Some of us like to write as they learn, others prefer to watch visual aid, while others learn best when doing practical work.

Your child belongs to one group of learners, and you need to know which one is it:

  • auditory
  • visual
  • kinesthetic
  • social

You can test this by assigning different types of activities and see what engages them the most. If you know their learning style, you’ll know how to adjust the study materials to their personal learning needs.

4.     You can homeschool outside your home.

The great thing about homeschooling is that you’re not limited to a classroom environment. Dads whose kids have short attention spans, lack motivation, or get bored quickly can create a more dynamic teaching experience.

This involves:

  • visiting local businesses
  • talking to people you know who are experts on a subject matter
  • doing hands-on tasks like baking, repairing, gardening, or recycling
  • visiting places such as the library, park, or farmer’s market

For instance, National Geographic provides super-fun activities you can use to enrich your kids’ homeschooling experience. Make sure the lesson and the real-life experience are connected, and you’ll be teaching your kids successfully, outside your home.

5.     Kids need to socialize and have fun.

When you think about the typical at-school experience, kids do much more than sit and learn. They have breaks, fun activities, and interaction with their peers.

This can be a difficult task for dads homeschooling their kids since it’s hard to find time to do things outside of the schedule. But, there are easy ways to give your kids the socialization and fun they need:

  • connect with other homeschoolers and set play dates
  • schedule active break time during every day
  • find fun activities kids can do on their own or with friends
  • engage other family members

The more diversity and creativity your kids experience in a day, the better learners and students they’ll become.

source: Pexels

6.     Utilize Hands-On Materials

Kids learn best through touching, feeling, and doing things with their hands. It’s the best way to boost memory, improve cognition, and find focus.

So, try adding some fun hands-on materials to your homeschooling routine:

  • create your own materials
  • find activities online
  • Utilise the Montessori and Spielgaben Hands on Manipulative made of natural materials.

Have your kids drawing, cutting, building, molding, and doing as much as possible with their hands, through practice, and application of their knowledge.

7.     Always look for a lesson plan upgrade.

Being a dad and a homeschooling teacher requires you to work on self-improvement and learn on the go. Finding the right lesson plans and teaching materials is one of the most important tasks for you, especially if you’re not that familiar with the subject matter.

That’s why you always need to search for better resources and lesson plans that will help your kids reach their maximum.

Make sure the lesson plans include diversity:

  • written activities
  • videos
  • arts and crafts projects
  • presentations
  • experiments
  • long-term projects
  • music activities

You can create your own lesson plans with the help of online tools and resources. You could also order essays from TrustMyPaper and use them as teaching materials or create PowerPoint presentations your kids will love. Be creative and resourceful to give your kids the homecoming experience they deserve.

8.     Kids need consistency.

Although rules and routines may seem like your kids’ worst enemy, they’re actually the one thing they need to make the most out of every school day and be happy with the results they’re making.

If you allow your kids to be too flexible and decide when and how they’ll handle their daily tasks, you’ll end up in a chaotic situation where no one gets things done.

Instead, focus on consistency:

  • morning routine
  • breakfast routine
  • homeschool schedule
  • free time
  • bedtime routine

Their free time is the time to explore, have fun, be creative and spontaneous. Other than that, they should be consistent in what they do and guided by their dads to create productive daily routines.

Final Thoughts

Homeschooling is a huge responsibility and a lot of work, but dads can do it with a set strategy and the right tools and resources. The tips shared above will guide you through the process of planning the entire school year for your kids and helping them thrive both academically and personally.


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