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Family bonding is very important to strengthen the parent and child relationship. Well, there are lots of parents who don’t have much time to their kids because they are busy on their job or on some housework. What most parents do is they give educational toys to their child to help them learn even if they are busy. They also give what their child wants just to cover their shortcomings.

Lack of time to your family or children has a great effect on them. Because when parents cannot watch or guide them all the time, their knowledge, personality, or attitude will be affected. Sometimes they will find their own way to be happy. Sometimes they also get jealous on their friends because their parents have time for them. There are lots of ways on how to give time to your family or children even if you are busy.

Here are some tips on how to manage your family time even if you are busy:

Think about All the Things

The first thing you need to do is to think of all the things that you need to do for the week. All you need to do is to get a paper and pen to write the entire task for the day or week. Estimate the time that you need for each task; you don’t need to force yourself to finish the entire job for the week in just one day. Divide the entire job for the week on each day and make sure you include the time for your family or kids. If you go or play with your kids even if your job is not yet finished, you definitely won’t enjoy it because you’ll keep on thinking about your job. With this way, you will also be able to know if you have free time on the coming days.

Use Free Time

Like what I’ve mentioned before, you won’t enjoy playing with your family or children if your job is not yet done. You can use your free time to do other task in order to finish your entire task for the day quickly, and you can immediately give time on your family or kids. For example, you are doing the laundry for the day; while your clothes are spinning in the washing machine, you can do some of your other tasks like cleaning the house or cooking food. Basically, it is called multitasking. If you are just waiting for the job to be done, why not do some of your tasks.

Ask Your Kids

There are some ways on how to have bonding with your kids or family even if you are busy on some housework. You can ask your kids to help you on your job. Even if you just let your kids do some light work, they are still a great help to get the job done and also they will definitely learn something. For example, you are cleaning the house; you can ask your children to pick up their toys and put them on their container (your child will definitely know what to do after they finish playing). Basically, while your kids are helping you, you can also teach them some housework. If you have two or more kids, you can assign them task for each day, but make sure that the task or job you will give is not difficult for them.

Help Your Children

If you have a job that is related in computer or if you are using Internet at home, you can work while helping your children on their homework. Let your child sit beside you; in that way, you can immediately answer the questions by just surfing in the Internet each time your children are asking something. With that, you can also check if your children are doing well in their homework. Since you are using Internet on your home-based job, you can also search for some parenting tips online.

As a parent, you need to think of the best way on how to manage your time to be able to make bonds with your family or children. Even if you work hard to earn money to give your kids a bright future, it doesn’t mean that it is fine that you aren’t giving time to have happy times with them. There are families that are not happy and sometimes broken because what these parents did is nothing but work. The best thing to do is to manage your time even if you are busy. No matter how busy you are, there are still ways on how to give time for your kids.

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