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We start to learn and expand our knowledge from the day we were born. When the right age comes, our parents send us to school for a fast learning and to know the things we need to learn and the things that we can use to achieve our goals or to have a bright future.

What most parents do is they give everything to their child like enrolling them into a good school, giving them educational toys to help them learn even if they are playing, etc. Even if you already enrolled your child on a good school, you still need to ensure that your child won’t lose interest on studying.

Most kids lose interest on studying or going to school because they don’t have friends, they keep failing exams, they keep on thinking on other things that are not related in school, etc. As a parent, you need to motivate your child to learn or go to school in order to make him/her smart and to achieve his/her goals.

Here are some tips on how to motivate your child to study and go to school:

Provide Cool School Supplies

Before the school year starts, you need to buy school supplies for your child. Your child will definitely have difficulties in learning if he/she has no tools to help him/her learn fast. Your child must have a pencil, pen, notebook, crayons, and also a backpack to carry all of those including books. In order get your child motivated, buy school supplies that bear the design of his/her favourite cartoon character. You can always let your child choose the school supplies that he/she likes (your child will also be excited to go to school to show his/her cool stuffs).

Encourage Your Child to Make Friends

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the reasons why kids lose interest on studying or going to school is because they don’t have friends. So before the first day of school comes, tell your child to make friends with other kids. The best way to make friends with other kids is to interact with them and show a good attitude to them. If your child doesn’t talk to his/her classmates, he/she will surely have a hard time making friends with them especially if he/she shows a bad attitude.

Invest on Educational Toys

We all know that every child loves to play, but sometimes too much playing can lead your child on losing interest in school. All you need to do is give your child educational toys, which can also help him/her on his/her studies. If your child learns something from the educational toys, he/she will surely be excited to use what he/she learned to school. For example, your child is playing a Scrabble. In that board game, your child can enhance his/her vocabulary and spelling. The possible thing that will happen is he/she will be able to pass a spelling exam. Getting a high score or grade in school can definitely motivate your child to study harder and go to school.

Help Your Child

As a parent, you need to help your children with their studies. If they have homework, you need to help them. Helping should not make you do all the work. All you just need to do is support your children or give them ideas about their homework. Your children will definitely lose interest in studying or going to school if they don’t have someone to help them. If your children have an upcoming exam, you can help them by doing question and answer. Let your children study their lessons then ask some questions about what they’ve studied. You can also tell if your children are improving or learning something when you do that. Another way to motivate your children to study is to give them a peaceful place. Your children won’t be able to study properly is their surrounding is noisy.

Reward Hard Work

This is one of the best and effective ways to motivate your child to study and go to school. If your child gets a high grade or good scores on exams, is studying his/her lesson at home, and is doing his/her homework, you should give him/her a prize for the hard work. As I’ve mentioned before, all kids love playing toys; you can give them educational toys as reward. You can also buy them new clothes or treat them with some food that they want to eat.

If your child is gets a low score on exams, do not scold at him/her or get angry. You should learn how to understand your child. Ask your child about his/her problems. In that way, you can think of a way on how to help him/her.

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