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Most of children nowadays are bombarded with countless electronic toys and children’s TV programming. But are they really help our children to learn and grow in positive way? When children are preschool age then it would often do more harm than good.

Here are 7 tips to promote no electronic toy zone for your children;

  1. Provide toys that allow variety – balls, a sandbox, building blocks, art supplies, etc.
  2. Change it up by encouraging all types of play: high-energy and physical play, quiet games, arts, crafts, music, building, and imaginative play. Wow, it sounds a lot of choices and big commitment. Relax…. It sounds daunting when you have very little time but it does not take much time to play and it is really FUN.
    Look for small windows of opportunity that can flow seamlessly into your day – set your toddler up for a ten or fifteen minutes game of Shake, Rattle-n-Roll while you do chores, start a silly guessing game at the dinner table, tell a story in the car on the drive across town. Keep it casual. Keep it short.
  3. Make your home place that other children enjoy visiting. It is easier to control what kinds of games kids play on your own turf.
  4. Don’t hover or micromanage your child’s play. Let him or her explore matters on his or her own. Simply offer a quick demo about using a toy or a new material (if needed), and then back off. Your children will impress you what they can do.
  5. If your child looks stumped, toss out a play including challenge: “What sort of things could you make with these toilet roll and straw?”
  6. Don’t be afraid to let grandparents, friends, and gift givers know you prefer low-tech or no-tech toys for your child. And until your child is in school, try to keep him/ her away from high-tech anything.
  7. Create a regular time that is Family Play Night – once a week – and put it on your calendar so you don’t forget. During play night, play non electronic games and activities that your child loves to play and build family bonding time together.

Good Luck and don’t forget to have fun~~~. After all, that is what it matters.

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