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While teaching kids at home, it is often difficult to see things objectively since we are with them every day. Keeping brief record of what they have learned and what they produced out of each lesson is really good idea to see how they are progressing and what to be done next. And it does not take much time & cost at all.

Accordion Folder

I found that using one accordion folder for each of your children and store their homework assignments, reports, drawings and so forth in them really worked out well. I like the accordion files since they are expandable and have several pockets.

You can have one pocket for writing and spelling, one for literacy, one for math, etc. It keeps things organized and easy to find. I bought coloured folders and assigned one colour per child. This made it easier to pick up the right folder and tuck the pages in it.

Keep the folders within easy reach so you are sure to put their work in it rather than sticking the papers on a shelf and forgetting about them. It is always good idea to put date on all the papers as well.

Keep a Notebook

Buy a simple 8×11 spiral bound notebook and write down the days’ date and the assignments your kids did. Make notes on any educational play, experiments, projects, books being read, etc. You can also make a note of how many hours the kids had lesson at home if you want.

Photo Album

Whenever you go on field trips, created something together, putting on plays, or group activities, is sure to take pictures and keep them in a photo album. This will be fun to look through over the years and your children will be amazed how much you spent time with them & had fun together during their early years.

If you have any other suggestions to keep record, feel free to share with us.

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