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Learning and Toys from Toddlers to Fourth Grade: It is important for parents to know the right toy to give for their kids. Every kid needs a toy that they can use to learn and enjoy. If a parent gives an inappropriate toy for their kids, they could have difficulties in learning. It is important for parents to give their kids a toy level by level.

Toddler (2yrs Old)
In this grade, a child starts to develop their skills like strategic thinking. Children also starts to develop their motor skills such as walking into the stairs while holding on the rail, eating while holding a spoon on its own or telling you when they want to go to the bathroom. There are also tools that can help to develop your Childs mental learning like colorful stuffs, plastic fruits, vegetables or animals. These kinds of toys will help your kids develop the power of their imagination.

In the past years, Pre-K is known as Nursery School. Pre-K is the stage wherein a child starts to develop their language, math, color and shape skills. Your kid can already speak words or sentence in this stage. Toys like tea cups can help your child develop their skills in measuring, for example: your child is filling tea into the cup, he needs to measure the amount of tea that he needs to put to avoid over flowing and at the same time, your child will also learn the manners in serving tea.

Kindergarten is the grade when a kid starts to appreciate things. This is a year where development in reading and language is visible. Kids start to be aware of letters and they will indentify unknown words. They will also learn how to construct words by letters and sentence by words. Since kids starts to learn about vocabulary in this grade, spelling puzzle toys are helpful. This toy will help kids practice their recognition on words, develops their spelling, thinking and reading skills.

First Grade
In some country, first grade is also called as grade one. Kids will start to enhance their reading skills and they will begin to practice writing. Kids will know the right strokes of every letters from big and small letters. They will also learn about mathematics like addition and subtraction. It is important for parents to give their kids a toy that focuses on counting and numbers to enhance their math skills.

Second Grade
In this grade, kids will develop their reading, writing and counting skills. Kids will learn the right grammar and the right pronunciation of every word. They will also learn to count thousands. This grade also involves science. Kids will know more worlds about animals, planet, plants and human body. Toys like plastic animals are a big help since it will enhance the recognition skill of your kids by identifying the name of the animal by its appearance.

Third Grade
In science, kids will know the basics of physics and chemistry. They will also know about the temperature, climate or weather.

In mathematics, kids will learn how to multiply and divide from 1 to 4 digit numbers. They will improve their skills in problem solving.

In reading, kids will begin to appreciate reading books depending on the type of book that they want which improves their understanding skills. Nowadays, third grade students are aware of the technology and how to use them like personal computers or tablets. There are games or application that your kids will enjoy wherein they can also practice their grammar and counting skills.

Fourth Grade
In fourth grade, kids will learn how to make a good summary. They will learn synonyms and antonyms of every word. Toys like scrabble are a big help for fourth graders on their learning. They will learn how to make new words by adding letters on the given word. They will also learn new words given by their opponents. This kind of game will expand their knowledge about words.

We hope that this article helps you find your child toys that can fit them and their educational learning as they grow.


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