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Are you running out of activity for your child and your child spend most of his or her time on digital device? 

Today, our suggestion is to let your child to create his or her own games to play with.

Children often get the most satisfaction from a game which they have made themselves – whether it be a simple board game invented with their own rules, to a full scale beanbag toss game which can be used for years.

Design own game can be very beneficial to children because it makes them to think and be really creative. And, you do not have to force them because they naturally likes to create their own.

When you start the kids off making their own game, try to step back a bit if you can and let them lead with their imagination if at all possible. The ideas and rules they come up with might not be conventional, but they will enjoy the game all the more and learn more from the experience if you give them!

Above video is a great example. Vina from Indonesia Montessori let her son to create his own games (similar to Sudoku) and he loved every experience and playing with it.

Hope your child enjoy creating and playing with own game, too.

Happy Learning…

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