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When I first teach my girl, I used traditional curriculums with textbook and workbooks. Truthfully, my kids were bored to death with textbooks so I decided to create a curriculum that would really stimulate their senses.

I bought a world map and taped it to the study room wall. Each week I ask her to close her eyes, spin her around a few times, then told her to put her finger on the map anywhere. Wherever she pointed, that would be our subject for the coming week.

One time my girl pointed to Egypt. We took a trip to the library and chose several books on Egypt, its history, the people, the language, foods and crafts. Over the weekend I put this into lessons for the week which focused on Geography, Geology, Anthropology, Art, Language, History, and so on. We would learn some of their phrases, history of pyramid and pharaoh, and learned about creature called sphinx.

This was incredibly fun, even for me, and the girl stayed interested every time.

Teaching kids doesn’t have to be boring, nor do we have to jump around from lesson to lesson. By offering them a curriculum that embraces one countries or topic at a time we can actually tackle many subjects at once that blend seamlessly into one another. Children will learn about other countries and cultures in great detail and have fun doing it. Most people don’t have money to travel the globe, but this is truly the next best thing.

Here are the samples that we created with other countries flag with Spielgaben sets during learning with play time.


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