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Story Detective

By January 7, 2013Uncategorized

Target Age Class: 3-5
Category of Play: Language & Vocabulary
Areas of Improvement: Memory
Preparation: Nil


This game challenges your child to sift through her accumulated knowledge of fairy tales or book that your child likes.

First, begin by telling the plot of a familiar story, omitting the names of characters involved. For example, if you were describing a little bit of the plot from ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, you might say, “This book has a little girl with blonde hair” as the first clue.

Pause and let your child take a guess. If her guess is not correct, add another clue: “She went into someone else’s house one day and sat down in a chair.”  Keep adding clues (based upon your child’s guessing abilities) until she guesses the correct story.

It’s a marvelous game for memory and also a fun way to incorporate details of favorite stories and characters into spontaneous play.

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