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A teacher is playing together with childrenTeaching Your Child While Playing

Let’s face the fact that teaching your child can take quite a time and a lot of patience. Why? Almost every parents problem is how to teach their child but most child don’t like things like that, what they want is playing, eating and sleeping. But why do kids resist on going to school or to study? Most children are afraid of new experience like school and having to be someone you don’t know. Usually when children are on preschool age, they tend to cry and resist on studying because of the fear that they will be leaved by their mother. You can notice that they will plead the mother to stay with them. This means that children with early age have an anxiety of being separated.

How about playing? Kids love playing different things especially when they enjoy it. There are lots of games that a child can use, but with our time today the most famous thing that a child play is by using different gadgets. But some children still loves playing outside for fun. But what if you disguise learning through play? This is the main solution that almost all parents do to teach their child. Well, it is not a bad idea right? The tendency of this is the child is learning without even noticing it.

What are the things that can help you do this?

The best tool for teaching your child is having an educational tool for him. We know that there are lots of toys that can give values and skills to our child but basically educational toy are designed especially for children. What is so special about an educational toy? Actually playing an educational is like interacting and learning about the world. But the best experience and things to do is to play along with your child. Children especially when young are more creative when their parents are involved in the play. Rather giving toys out of nowhere you should be part of the game too. Here are some tips that can help you when playing with your child.

First is to observe, well this is where you observe about your child. You can look for the things that he wants and the things that he don’t, this can give you a clue about what’s best to give him. Also you can observe him for the things that he has problems doing and then you can help him with that. Second is following your child, following your child on what he plays can make him feel that you are also interested in what he is doing. You can add some complexity about the game but let your child be the control and let him determine the direction of the play. Lastly, you should be creative. You should let go of your adult idea and try to be in a child view, and be creative about the toys you are playing because you will be amazed on how a single toy can be used to different play.

What other things can you do except for an educational toy? Well there are still an alternative ways to teach your child about the world. Well it is good if you and your child goes out and have some fun things to do. Outdoor activities are another way to teach your child while he is playing. It will be fun playing outdoors and learning something, but aside from learning outdoor games does not only improve the mental skill of your child it also increase immunity and resistance of a child.

Actually playing outside helps develop a child body; it can help them build resistance for future purpose. Another is that is increase their social ability. If a child is outside to play, he tends to play with someone even if he doesn’t know him. Well, that is the nature of a child, but this can help him to improve his social skill on how to deal with different kinds of people. It also gives your child a natural experience of the world. The importance of going outside to learn is you build the confidence and creativity of your child by interacting with the natural world.


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