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Parents are happiest when they see their children playing, studying, and learning and when they see them while they are growing up. Being a parent is the most difficult task because you are not just a parent, you are also a teacher, leader, and a great model.  To be a great model for your kids, you must perform better parenting. If you respect them and show your affection to your kids, your kids will return them to you. This is why parent is like a teacher; because before they will go to school, you are the first teacher of your kids. You are the one who will educate and instruct them so they will learn the goodness that they’ll see from you. You should be patient when you teach them. Other than that, you are the leader of your kids. Teach them how to respect you and the other people around them. Teach them to do some things that they can do, so while they are growing up, they are learning the things constantly.

Here are the different tips on how to be a good parent to your children:

Be patient

Before you go through for being patient, you must love yourself first. Patience is like a long suffering that you need to be calm even though you are round the bend or you are being mad.  You need to reflect and think everything before you do something. Having a lot of patience is a great way to be a better model to your kids. You need to differentiate what is good and bad. Having an extensive patience allows us to enjoy life. Be patient to your children because they are just kids. Teaching them how to respect and to do good things are the best steps. Ask your child what she or he wants; even though that they are just kids, they can already indicate what they like and dislike.

Be attentive to your children

Always be attentive to your kids. When they are doing something, be with them and guide them on what they are doing. Some kids will ask you if it is good or not. Just always listen and show love to your kids.

Be a role model to your kids

Being a good role model to your kids is not really difficult, just be you in a good way. Kids are like sponges and they become easily aware of everything. As a parent, you should be the first model for your kids. Just always pay attention to what you are doing and what you are saying, because what you do and say while you are with them will definitely be noticed by them and they’ll probably repeat everything what they saw and what they heard from you. Teach them how to respect and to value people around them.

Express your love and care

Spend time alone with each of your children. Go out to lunch, take a relaxed walk, or just hang out together letting them know you value them as individuals.

Be responsible in all things

How to be responsible in all the things? Being a responsible in all the things for your kids is not really hard task. You need to guide them, as always. As a parent you must be responsible, especially to your actions and on what the kids are doing when they are playing with their toys and when they’re with their friends. When it comes to playing with their toys, keep an eye on especially on younger children to prevent them from eating their toys because you are not sure that those toys are clean. When they are playing with the other kids, always check them, because you will never know if they are doing good or bad. Always teach them but let them be if they are enjoying on what they are doing just make sure that they are doing good. Like in tip number 3, you must be a role model to your kids because the things that you do can be repeated by your kids.

Be happy, play with your kids

Always be happy when you are with your kids, especially when they are playing. Play with them and do what they are doing because kids will love that. Kids will be definitely joyful too when their parents are happy.

Respect the things that your kids love to do and their likes

Always respect what your children like and what they want to do, because when you are disrespectful, they’ll probably also be the disrespectful. If they want to watch movies, go with them. Play with your kids; respect the fact that they want a bond.

If you have any vices, you should quit it or don’t show it to your kids. You need to be a role model. If they see you smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, they might also do it when they grow old. Always remember that the personality or growth of your child depends on parents.

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