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What Teddy Says

By January 7, 2013Uncategorized

Target Age Class: 1-2
Category of Play: Language & Vocabulary
Areas of Improvement: Language & Vocabulary
Preparation: Child’s favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal.


Toddlers love to show you what they know and what they can do. And with movement and fun blended together, the excitement is contagious. You do not need big block of time but just 10 minutes in your day to play and enjoy time with your child with this game.

In this game, your young toddlers will learn to point to their head, eyes, nose, ears, elbows, feet, etc. Bring in the furry third party by starting each request with “Teddy” (“Teddy says touch your eyes,” “Teddy says show me your nose”).

As toddlers become a bit older, they will understand many more words and be capable of more physical movements. Extend this game to more complex physical actions by saying, “Teddy says jump up and down,” or “Teddy says turn around.”

To make it even more fun, add some silly & humorous requests to make this game lively and fun. Once your child is familiar with the game, let her become the voice of Teddy and take a turn making Teddy requests that you must perform: “Teddy says hop”; “Teddy says touch your mouth”; etc.

This will help your child to understand language with movement of her body and improve her vocabulary.

Hope you enjoy and having fun playing with your child today.

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