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There are different essential qualities of a teacher. Being the second parent of the student that you are handling is not a shaggy dog story. It is a serious matter because you need to teach your students how to be good and you need to be a role model. Teachers are the ones who interact with students and they are the ones who deal with the parents. In one classroom, you cannot avoid some students who are bullies. As a good teacher, how can you motivate those students who are acting in a bad way?

A teacher carries a big responsibility not just in the classroom but also on the student that he/she is handling because all students are always depending on their teacher. If the teacher will feel joy or anger, it will be surely spread among the children because the attitude of the teacher is easy to catch. If the teacher laughs, the students will also laugh, why? The teachers are in charge for the social behavior in the classroom, and if something goes wrong, the person who should be responsible is the teacher even if it was not his/her fault.

So what are some essential qualities of a teacher? Here are 6 Essential Qualities of a Great Teacher that can contribute to the students’ achievement.

1. The Planner

The teacher must be the great planner for the classroom, that is, his/her students at school or at home, because teachers are the planners. This is an important role to be a successful teacher. Before all else, the teacher must create a flight plan. Like any good flight plan, it must lay out a best path to the destination because without a good flight plan, the teacher will crash. Each crash helps the teacher get closer to better plans. Planning is preparing the objectives for the classroom and lesson plans for the students. Preparing the objectives are the mission and vision that students must learn whereas daily lesson plans are the bread and butter of the teacher.

2. Great Motivator

Many teachers are trying to be a great motivator to encourage the students to study their lessons and to be a good student, a good classmate, and a good child to his/her parents because students are always depending on their teacher, especially when they are in classroom. Motivation is a great factor for educators to educate people. Students are easily attracted to different factors; they are attracted to different things. If a student finds anything attractive or useful, they will surely pay a proper attention, but if not, he/she will feel and get tired or bored. A proper motivation moves them to grab the lesson carefully and seriously.

3. Good Leader

As a good leader, great teachers bring the same ability to create a strong culture to any organization because they know how to create systems, structures, and standards necessary to motivate students, attract talent, build community, and drive those students toward a collective mission. Being a good teacher help the students to set big goals and teach them the skills they need for the accomplishment those different goals. When a student fails, great teachers do not blame the student, they ask themselves how they could have set clearer expectations and have provided a better coaching so that their students would have been successful. Great teachers are great leaders who are good at translating mission, vision, and plan into action.

4. Resource Provider

A teacher is a resource provider, because a teacher helps his/her students by sharing instructional resources, such as reading materials or other resources to use with the students. Some students will come to the teacher to seek information. Even if the person is only seeking a source of information, the teacher is the one who must know how to find what the student is looking for. Once the teacher has given the information to the student, the teacher will often have to instruct the student on how to use the information.

5. Good Listener and a Support Person

One of the important roles of a teacher is to be a good listener. For example, in a home school or in a classroom, a teacher has two or more students; you cannot avoid some students who are having a problem with their classmates or in a particular subject. You need to hear the reason why. In that way, the motivation can start. A teacher must act as the support person when the student needs help. Support can come in many forms, such as a coach, leader, and even a counselor. A teacher may even have to support other teachers leading a particular subject matter.

6. Role Model

Role models are people who set good examples by the words they speak and by the actions they take. Role models can be the people you know personally or people you have learned about in the news at school or on television. Students tend to copy the behavior and mannerism of the teacher. The teachers’ entire personality is reflected on the minds of their students. If a teacher is honest, it will lead to a balanced and disciplined life. The children adapt these virtues as an ideal conduct without thinking. The ideal teacher is the one who, through his/her thoughts, words, and actions, gives an impression of an honest upright life that can serve as a model for the students to copy and follow.

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