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Different Tools for Learning : Learning is a part of everyone’s life. People learn on their environment depending on what they see, hear, taste or touch. Learning has no exemptions, it affect everyone’s physical, mental and emotional development. Parent’s supports their children’s on acquiring new things from the day they were born until they grow old. Learning starts from being curious on unknown things. There are different tools that can be use for learning.

Internet is one of the main resources that you can use for learning. Everyone loves to surf on the internet. From the 3 letters “www” which means World Wide Web, internet contains information from around the world. There are lots of things you can do in the internet to help in your learning like watching videos or listening to music.

People learn to use internet as source of income. Most of the company use internet for advertising their products and services. People express their thoughts and communicate to other people through social networking sites. Using internet makes your everyday life easy. For example, when you don’t have any idea on how to cook and what are the ingredients of a certain food. Kids are aware in using internet nowadays, parent’s needs to watch their kids while they’re using internet because there are some websites that contains different kinds of information that’s not good for them.

Books are the best source on expanding one’s knowledge. You were not called human if you don’t know what books are. Everything that surrounds us is connected with books. Lots of question can be answered with it. Books are said to be our brain. It contrast with its short name “Book”, it has a wide meaning. It contains knowledge, information and other helpful things we need to know in life. There are different kinds of books depending on your interest or the field you are. People share their knowledge by making books. Every school provides books for every student to help on their study. Reading is the best way to gain new knowledge. Other people prefer to obtain new information by reading books than surfing on internet. Books are handy and able to carry anywhere you go.

Toys can be use as tool for learning. For kids, there’s no important for them than playing. Most kids choose their own toys that will make them happy like a toys robot, stuffed toys or dolls. There are different types of educational toys that give enjoyment and knowledge for kids. Example are puzzle toys, it will help kids enhance their skills in remembering things. It will also expand your kid’s patience by trying to solve and analyse. Other toys provide physical development such as a wooden rocking horse which develops a Childs skill in balancing. Another example is a bicycle, it helps develop leg and arm muscles and it also improves stamina.

Teenagers nowadays learn new things through their hobbies like playing computer games. There are lots of computer games that can help teenagers on their learning. Simulation games are usually difficult to play, an individual will learn to analyse the game, follow steps and read instructions. Fighting games, from the word itself it provides knowledge about fighting. An individual will learn about different kinds of fighting styles and help them come up with a new strategy. Role playing games, players will learn to choose the right decision. For example the game “Resident Evil” players need run or shoot zombies in order to live. There are also computer games that can help them improve their knowledge about math and other subjects in school.

Sports equipments provide physical development. Balls are commonly use in different types of sports such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, football, tennis and bowling. Playing sports includes running, throwing, jumping dodging and kicking. It develops body muscles, speed and balance. An individual will learn to control its power or force. Just like in basketball, a player needs to estimate the distance from his position to the basketball rim before he shoots the ball, he also needs to indicate how much power he will use.

Board games can be use as tool to develop mind. A board game is a game that uses small objects as piece that is put into a flat surface or board. It cannot be played by a single person. Chess is a type of board game that is played by two persons. Chessboard is a checkered board that contains 64 squares. It is commonly made of wood. Each player has sixteen pieces and every type of piece have their own unique movements in the board. There are two ways to win the game. First is, players needs to remove the entire opponents piece. Second is, player needs to remove the king and queen for a quick win. In this kind of game, players will learn to read their opponents move. Chess is a mind game that needs patience and focus. Players will also learn how to think fast and come up with a new strategy.

There are also some Educational board games for kids like scrabbles. Scrabbles is a board game that can be played by 4 persons. It consists of tiny square piece with letters written on it. It’s a game of word. Each individual will learn to create new words by connecting each piece into another given word on the board. This game will help kids be familiarized on some unknown words and it will be a good practice for kid’s mental development.

It is important to use a tool that gives new knowledge and enjoyment. Learning new things answers every individual’s curiosity.

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